Marketing Support

If your business, service, product or brand needs marketing support to develop and grow but you don't have the resources in house to make it happen consider talking to Realm about your needs.


If you need advice, guidance or if you want to involve Realm in a specific project, the service is there, when you need it , how you need it. Call to arrange an initial discussion to find out if and how Realm can help you and your business.

Setting Objectives

Setting marketing objectives for your company may prove to be a complicated task. Indeed, you may often be 'too close' to the business to be able to take an impartial view. Realm can help you to identify and set realistic, achievable objectives based on the market you are operating in, your budgets and your resources, to provide an actionable marketing plan.

Marketing Audits

Over time, businesses can find themselves tied in to a number of 'marketing' related expenditures, often habitual that don't really contribute to growth or have become innefectual over time. Carrying out an audit can help to identify these issues and make more budget available for the activities that will bring real results.

Support services

Once you have set your objectives and agreed a marketing plan, how do you make it happen? Realm can help you both directly (carrying put the plan) or in a consultative role (where you or others carry out the plan) to make sure things happen. With a wealth of creative support and a great deal of experience in actually making things happen, you can be assured of a 'can do' attitude and a determination to make sure you and your business make progress and achieve objectives.

Consumer Research

Realm has valuable experience of moderating qualitative research groups. We can help you to find out what your customers think about you or your product or service. We can also help when you are developing a new product, to test and redefine your strategy or to confirm you are heading in the right direction.